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LOW COST Warehouse Intersection Safety.
Forklift-Tough™ Floor Sticker Warning Signs & Upright Aisle Signs.

Our Floor Stickers are built Forklift-Tough and anti-slip, For In-Aisle Use - Guaranteed for one year! Patent Applied For.

Our Aisle Signs bend when struck unlike dangerous metal signs. Our Aisle Signs are used for IN-AISLE, EYE HEIGHT intersection safety. They come complete with adhesive backed mounting brackets for your upright support beams or any flat surface. (No drilling or screws required!) They are SUPER EASY to install..

Place our intersection warning floor stickers ACROSS your forklift aisles before an intersection as a warning to pedestrians and operators. Place our Aisle Signs on your uprights at the intersection. They will help you reduce forklift / pedestrian accidents and improve facility safety.

Our Forklift Tough™ intersection floor stickers are guaranteed for one year against normal wear and tear.

IMPORTANT: We do not guarantee our floor stickers against damage when a pallet is dragged across the sticker. NO floor sticker, paint or even 3M's street markers, will survive for long having pallets dragged across them on the floor.

Floor Sticker and Aisle Sign Combination orders:
Both products may be ordered together as a discounted combo product which includes one Forklift-Tough™ floor sticker and two aisle signs with the same message. Place the sticker at the intersection and an aisle sign on each side of the aisle at eye level to enhance your safety message viability.

Individual Sizes & Prices:

Forklift-Tough™ floor stickers • 48" w x 9" t = $35;    72" w x 13" t = $65;    96" w x 18" t = $95 - Aisle Signs • 6" Wide x 18" tall = $19

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