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Warehouse Intersection imarker 1INNOVATIVE NEW PRODUCT.  © 2017, SafetyBanners.Org. All Rights reserved. Patent Applied For.

LOW COST Warehouse Intersection Safety Floor Sticker Warning Signs.

Warehouse Intersection iMarkers™

Built Forklift-Tough and anti-slip, For In-Aisle Use
Guaranteed for one year! Patent Applied For.

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Place these intersection warning floor stickers ACROSS your forklift aisles before an intersection as a warning to pedestrians and operators. They will help you reduce forklift / pedestrian accidents and improve facility safety.

Need a Custom Design? Call Cyndi at 901-759-0932.

48" w x 9" t = $35;    72" w x 13" t = $65;    96" w x 18" t = $95

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