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HELLO Custom Design Customer. We have created thousands of custom safety banner designs at no charge for the design work  in our 18 plus years of safety banner designing. We would be happy to design  a custom safety banner for you too.

NOTE: We only do free custom safety banner design for 3' x 6' and larger safety banners.

Here is exactly what you need to do:

• FIRST:  Order item #1990 in the size, material and quantity you need for your custom banner. Use the red search bar above to find #1990.
                    No design work is started untill your order is placed.
                    We do not charge your card until your banners are sent to production. (If No design is ever approved, your card is never charged.  That has never happened in 18 years.)

• SECOND:  After your order is placed, use the email us button at the top of the web site to send us the specific details of each banner you want designed, along with any images you want on the banner. (NOTE: We do not source images.)

• THIRD:  Within 24 hours we  will create a proof for each design and send them to you for your approval, or changes.

• FORTH:  Once you have given us your final approval we send your banners to production and charge your card.
                  All custom banners are shipped in 3 business days or less after approval.  (not including the approval day).

It is that easy.

Have Questions?

• EMAIL us at 

• Call us at 901-759-0932, M-F Central time.

••• Are you a PowerPoint designer ?

We can convert most Power Point files into a safety banner for you. (Minimum Size = 3'x6') Many of our customers are skilled Power Point users and want to use Power Point to design their own custom safety banners and have us produce them.

GREAT. Just Follow Steps One and Two above and send us your Power Point file after your order is placed and we will take it from there. NOTE: It is best to make your Power Point design twice as wide as it is tall. All our banners have a TWO to ONE size ratio. (2:1)

CLICK HERE For More Information about  how to design a safety banner using PowerPoint.

For More Information on standard banner design, CLICK HERE.


Custom Designed Safety Banners


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