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America's First  Fire Extinguisher Use Sign with the PASS system included on the sign.12x20 Fire Extinguisher PASS4x24 Fire Extinguisher PASS

Another Safety Innovation from SafetyBanners.Org

Available As:

  - Our Famous Wall Sticker with easily removable Post-It™ Note like adhesive. Sticks to almost anything - Even Cinder Block.
  - Laminated Poster
  - 2-Way mounted sign with adhesive easy mount mounting hardware. It Flexes when struck.

OR, for existing fire extinguishers, just the fire extinguisher use portion in three different sizes.

CLICK HERE  for more information and in-use pictures.


Fire Extinguisher Signs

Fire Extinguisher Use Instructions

For use on ANY surface, even the fire extinguisher itself. ...

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