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      INNOVATIVE  Forklift Intersection Safety
• Low Cost and EASY installation.
• Forklift-Tough
Floor Stickers, for IN-AISLE USE across your aisle. We call them iMarkers.™
• Aisle Intersection Signs for your Pallet Rack Uprights. FLEXIBLE, bend when struck.

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Warehouse Intersection safety

Warehouse Safety New Aisle Sign

Warehouse Safety Aisle Sign InstalledWarehouse Safety Floor Sticker Forklift Crossing item 660080

Our forklift intersection iMarker™ safety floor stickers are built to go on the floor IN YOUR FORKLIFT AISLES where your forklifts travel - They are Forklift-Tough™    Our forklift intersection safety floor stickers and hanging banners promote forklift and pedestrian safety in a warehouse and manufacturing environment. All SafetyBanners.Org intersection floor safety stickers are Forklift-Tough™, non-slip, and designed to go in the forklift traffic aisle.

Warehouse Safety Floor Sticker Forklift Crossing item 60010The intersection is one of the most dangerous places in a warehouse environment. Forklift pedestrian accidents are one of the most reported warehouse incidents. Merely making pedestrians and drivers aware of an intersection can go a long way in accident prevention.

Warehouse Intersection Safety floor stickersSometimes a floor sticker is hard for a forklift driver to see, so all our our intersection safety floor stickers are also available as a banner which can be hung above the intersection. Need a custom intersection safety design? Call us - 901-759-0932 - to design one for your particular situation.

Forklift / Pedestrian Intersections in a warehouse or any facility can be a very dangerous area. There are a lot of very expensive attempts as solving forklift vs. pedestrian accident solutions. Some work and some not so much. At the end of the day, keeping intersections safe boils down to awareness and forklift drivers and pedestrians paying attention to what they are doing at all time. Distractions and carelessness are the two main causes of intersection accidents. Our goal here at SafetyBanners.Org is to come up with simple, easy to install low cost methods for intersection safety. Our forklift intersection safety floor stickers and our forklift aisle are two of our ideas.

Warehouse Intersection Safety floor stickers item 60010FS









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