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Safety Banners for Forklift Safety.

                Safety Banners built in Memphis, Tennesseee USA.

                Our Forklift Safety Banners and Forklift Safety Floor Stickers are used by most of the Fortune 500     

Carry it low forklift workplace safety banner 1024 ForkliftForklift Safety Banners - Horizontal – Vertical – we do BOTH. SafetyBanners.Org is the ONLY safety banners manufacturer that offers forklift safety banners in BOTH Horizontal AND Vertical Format.

- - Forklift Safety Information:

About 100 workers are killed each year as a result of forklift accidents. About 1/4 of these fatalities are caused by overturning. Other common causes are workers being struck by materials, workers being struck by the forklift, and workers falling from the forklift.

Forklift operation is not as simple as it looks. But with a little experience, it's not an impossible skill to master. Unfortunately, those who operate forklifts day in and day out have a tendency to take short cuts and to ignore basic safety rules. They develop the old "It can't happen to me" attitude.

Forklift Safety Rules

Forklift Operator safety operation #1052 safety banner1. Operate the forklift only if you've been trained

2. Maintain a safe following distance from other forklifts - about three vehicle lengths.

3. Follow our speed limit and other regulations

4. Drive with your load low - six or eight inches off the ground - and tilted slightly back

5. Exercise extra caution when driving over bridge plates and make sure your load is within their capacity

6. Raise and lower your load only when you are stopped

7. Stop and sound the horn at intersections

Forklift carry it low #1043 industrial warehouse safety banner8. Avoid sharp turns.

9. Keep you arms and legs inside the vehicle

10. Be sure to wear a hard hat and other protective equipment when necessary

11. Be sure your load is stable and secure

12. When leaving the forklift, lower the forks, neutralize the controls, shut it off and set the brakes



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