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SAFETY from America's Largest Supplier of Safety Awareness Banners

PPS safety banner #1060SAFETY from America's Largest Supplier of Safety Awareness Banners Safety can improve company moral as well as help reduce cost.  Safety awareness can be enhanced with safety banners.

Safety is a relative term. Safety in the workplace can be both a morale booster and save company money. Several studies have shown that when a company makes safety a priority, employee productivity goes up, morale goes up and total cost goes down. Management discussing Safety and Health Topics with employees enforces a companies’ commitment to keeping it’s workers safe and healthy on the job.

Complete assessments to determine performance gaps and improvement opportunities in your Safety Management System. This will help you to evolve a framework of safety processes and procedures that help your company to achieve its safety objectives, and integrate safety in the business.

Think safety industrial safety bannerCompanies should use employee surveys to understand and improve Safety Leadership and Employee Engagement. Working to improve this shared ownership and responsibility will enhance your safety culture.

Continue risk reduction through a repeated process focused on operational risk andNo texting while driving workplace safety banner how to make worker jobs safer. Whether the problem is overexertion, slips, trips or falls, we can help you to understand risk and how to reduce it. Safety is a 24/7 proposition.

Use benchmarking and performance measurement to see how you safety efforts compare to your peer groups, how you have improved, and what gaps you have to close. Data strategies that allow for safety benchmarking, measuring improvement over baseline and predictive, prescriptive modeling Improving work safety is a topic, and a goal, that should be on everyone’s mind.

Safety First See Something Say Something safety banner item 1236According to the US Department of Labor, every year almost 6000 people are fatally injured at work. More than four million more people suffer non-fatal injuries, including over a million of which cause them to miss one or more days of work. What’s even worse than the bare statistics is that a great many of these deaths and injuries were due to carelessness and negligence, improper safety procedures and could have easily been avoided by paying more attention to safety guidelines.

Employers are required to provide a safe workplace, but ultimately your safety at work is your own responsibility. If you feel like your environmentis unsafe and your complaints fall on deaf ears, you should look for employment elsewhere. Of course, some jobs and industries are inherently more hazardous than others and if you have one of these jobs, you’ll need to be extra vigilant. Deaths and injuries occur in all kinds of e

mployment sectors and job descriptions, however – factories, construction, office work, farming, information technology, etc. The lack of work safety is a big problem and we should do everything we can to reduce the number of deaths and injuries at work.


Safety is the first thing safety banner - 1240Thankfully, there are a great many things you can do to improve your own personal safety at work. You can also create an atmosphere of safety awareness among your coworkers and supervisors, as well as lobby your employer to improve safety policies, practices, and training. Be pro-active when it comes to workplace safety. Don’t wait for others to pick up the ball. While you’re waiting, you may wind up getting injured. So take it upon yourself to do what you can to improve your own workplace safety.

Safety must be kept visible and present in the company workplace at all times. Safety banners are a very effective way to keep workers focused on safety while at work.



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