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MAXIMUM Safety Impact Banners

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Our safety banners are designed by marketing professionals who are highly skilled in getting people's attention and getting the message read. That is why our our safety banners improve your facility safety.

FIRST, get the worker's attention.  SECOND, get the safety message accross. That's how it works.

Who Are You Working For Safety Banner Item 1056Safety Banners and safety posters from SafetyBanners.Org accomplishItem 1163 Safety Is Everyones Responsibility Safety Banner that purpose better than any other product on the market, period. Here is why:

The key to designing safety banners and posters for industry is to make them eye catching with words and symbols that are easy to read QUICKLY. Your workers are busy focused on performing their job well and as fast as is safely possible. Safety Banners and safety posters with a lot of complex graphics are not able to be read and understood quickly, thus the message is lost. If the graphic is to simple it is not eye catching and the message is not received.

For Example: We use only GLOSS vinyl banner material. Many people in our industry uses mat banner material because it is less expensive, hides image imperfections such as low resolution and prints faster. BUT, the image is muted and less eye catching. As they say in the advertising business, mat banners lack POP. Without POP, the banner is less noticeable. Our banners have POP!

Safety Starts With You Hard Hat Safety Banner Item1343Our founder has two decades of experience in designing retail point-of-purchase display graphics where sellers have to get their customers attention quickly in a busy environment then get their message across in 4 to 5 seconds. Consumers are not going to stand and read a store display. You have to first get their attention, then communicate your message in just a few seconds.Watch For Winter Slip Hazards Worklace Safety Banner Item1217

In the industrial safety arena, the product you are selling is safety and all the same principals of selling to the busy consumer apply. That is how we design our safety banners and posters. Maximum Safety Impact with maximum safety results.

Most of our competitors create safety banners and posters that are either not eye catching or very busy graphically and thus the message never gets through. Our founder used to do all the sales signage for KFC. The KFC Director of Promotions told our founder once, we don't win a lot of design awards, but we DO sell a heck of a lot of chicken. Their signs were designed to do one thing - sell chicken, not win design awards.

It is the same concept for industrial safety. You are selling - SAFETY.Stay Alert Dont Get Hurt Safety Banners Item 1062

Fire Extinguisher Use Safety Banner Item1138Our safety banners are designed to do one thing - sell safety, not win design awards.

Safety Banners and safety posters from SafetyBanners.Org accomplish that purpose better than any other product on the market, period.

Our safety banners are designed by professionals with the express purpose of making the maximum industrial safety impact in your facility.

Safety Banners from SafetyBanners.Org

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