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Hanging Safety Signs

CLICK HERE for all our safety banners.

Look under the "Hanging Sign" tab to see all our hanging safety sign sizes in one, two and three sided versions. Sometimes the most visible place for a safety sign is hanging from above. Our hanging safety signs solve that problem.

Our Durable hanging safety signs are made from industrial grade coroplast (corrugated plastic) for long term use. They are both light weight and very durable to hold up in a factory facility setting. Included with each sign are two 24" wire hanging hooks giving you a 24" ceiling drop. 24" and 48" wire hanging hooks are available for 85 cents a piece when included with the original order. To order additional wire hanging hooks, or a for a non-standard sign size, please call Cyndi at 901-759-0932, or send her an email (top center of the site), to order.

Our Durable hanging safety signs are built to be as rugged as your employees and the facility in which they work.

Custom Hanging Sign Design is available. Call Cyndi at 901-759-0932 or click the "email us" button top right.

All 3 Hanging safety signs









Thank you for your time and have a SAFE and SUPER Day .
If you have ANY QUESTIONS, please call us - 901-759-0932 (Central Time).

Also coming soon all of our wall safety (see the Wall Safety Signs category) will be available as hanging safety signs. Thank you for you time and interest and have a safe and super week.

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